Sunday, March 29, 2009


Apparently Jack Frost didn't get the notice that last week was the first day of Spring!
This is the front yard at my parent's house this past Saturday.

We got more than 6 inches there and nearby Tulsa got between 9-12 inches of snow!
And the best part of this crazy Oklahoma weather is the fact that today has been sunny and in the 60s, warm enough to only need a light jacket outside. I even saw several people wearing shorts and capris when I was at Target getting groceries. Crazy right?

This week promises to be busy. I've got a Microbiology exam and a Pharmacology test to study for. I also have to get an outline ready for my first persuasive speech, I'm doing it over donating blood. I'm a bit shy and hate speaking in front of people. I've managed to put Speech off for 3 years but had to face the music this semester. I'm doing good so far, but I still get hot and shaky when it gets to my turn each time I have to give a speech.

I'm sending off my partner's package for the Tea for Two apron swap in the morning. I'm totally on an apron kick these days, I just can't get enough!

I promised a garden update last week. Let's just say it's not looking too good. The ground is very moist and packed down super hard so it's been hell on Matt and the tiller to break the ground. The bracket that holds the gas tank on the tiller actually broke over Spring Break, oops! So, the garden has been put on hold. I'm actually not sure if it's worth the trouble and I'm thinking about just spending this year getting the ground perfectly ready for planting next Spring. There are tons of old garden spots at Matt's house that we could till up and put all my veggies in if I give up on my own garden.

Also, I've been trying to get some info about a CNA position at the hospital in my hometown. I got an email from the Nursing Supervisor and am waiting to see if I'll have to get my CNA license or can do on the job training. I'd love to work at the hospital this summer instead of in retail like I always have. I've got my fingers crossed!

How was your weekend???



Allison said...

Now I don't feel quite as bad that it has been cold and miserable here as well....

I'm SOOOO ready for warm weather!!!

Jon and Steph said...

I can't believe Oklahoma got so much snow! Isn't that the weirdest thing for March snow?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on getting the job at the hospital!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, speech class. I hated my speech class and when I talk to the public my face and neck turns red. Good luck!

d.a.r. said...

Ack we got a ton of snow up here, too! It was in the 70s last week!! Crazy midwest.

Abbie said...

We got snow here too over the weekend...7 inches and then it got warm and sunny, so a lot of it has melted. I wish this weather would just make up it's mind!

yours truly... said...

I am amazed at all of the snowy weather on everyones blogs! Where is the sunshine?!?!

Good luck with your exams!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, you're bringing back bad college memories...I hope I don't have my recurring dream of not being able to find my class and realizing I haven't turned ANYTHING in the entire semester anyway. (Hate that dream.)

Good luck on your tests, hun!