Friday, November 20, 2009


Last night my sister Tarra and I got to see New Moon at midnight.
Talk about amazing! I loved it. The quality of the film was much improved over Twilight and the acting was exceptional. I also thought New Moon had more comedic moments that Twilight did. It also did a great job of depicting the emotions of the characters. I teared up during the goodbye scene and could hear sniffling throughout the theater.

I am definitely back in the "Twilight" craze and can't quit thinking about it all. I'm going to try to re-read the books over Christmas break because I read through them so fast the first time. I'm obsessed all over again.

Now, the countdown is on for June 30, 2010 when "Eclipse", the third book in the series comes out. Eeee I can't wait!

Any fellow, Twihards out there that have seen the movie or have plans to? What did you think?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Better Late than Never. Right?

I know this post is a little on the late side. Okay, alot on the late side.

A few weeks ago I got to meet Pioneer Woman in the flesh.

She was so sweet and the book signing was so much fun despite the long time waiting in line. You'd think that with all the publicity Ree gets, she'd act like the "celebrity" she is. No way. She was so modest and you could tell she was nervous speaking to the few hundred or so eager fans sitting before her.

When I finally got my turn to get mine and my friend Melissa's cookbooks signed it was hilarious to see how she signed everyone's book. She'd just write random things. For instance, she wrote "Beautiful Kids! -PW/Ree" in the cookbook of a woman ahead of me who was toting her two, tired children. For mine, she kept saying "You are so pretty!", which I thought was hilarious.

Now, I've got a plan to try out one of her recipes at least every other week (say goodbye Weight Watchers plan)

First up on the agenda:

Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce
, yum!

(Photo courtesy of

For all of you PW fans, what is your favorite recipe of hers? Is it the infamous MM Sandwich or her decadent Creamy Mashed Potatoes? I'd love to know!