Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

I know the title is pretty lame, what can I say, I suck at writing titles.

Today turned out to be pretty fabulous day.

Last night I was up til 3:30 a.m. trying to wrap up Project #2 for my Art Foundations class. I love this class, it's fun and non-stressful. I nice break from the more stressful classes I've had lately like Pharmacology, Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Intro to Logic. If anyone is interested I'll post some pics of my projects here for all to see. We're only doing black and white media right now so it's not too exciting but I do love the simplicity of the lack of color.

My alarm went off at 7:30 and with only 4 hours of sleep I did not want to get out of bed. The dark circles under my eyes are pretty obvious but I surprisingly had alot of energy anyway. Classes were fine and and during tutoring I was swamped. I had 3 students in all at once and helped people the whole 2 hours I was there, definitely a first because I really have only one girl who's a regular.

After doing tutoring work I headed to my third appointment for my Laser Hair Removal (LHR). It's pretty obvious that I've got dark hair thick hair and it's an evil of nature that I've been 'blessed' with the same dark facial hair and underarm hair. So instead of shaving daily and suffering from awful razor burn and waxing my face just about weekly, I saved up for LHR. I had a new technician doing it today that I've never had before and she informed me that my past 2 treatments were at too low of a level and she needed to up it to get the best results.

Usually it's not too painful because I have a numbing cream for my face and the pain on my underarms isn't too bad so I forgo the cream there. Let me tell you ladies, IT WAS PAINFUL! It stung a little on my face but not too bad. But when she got to my underarms, I was bawling. I kept clinching my fists, biting my tongue and trying to do deep breathing exercises but it really didn't help much. She gave me a stress ball to squeeze on but I thought I was going to rip in half. They tell you it feels like little rubber bands snapping on your skin when you sign up for the LHR. Big Fat Lie! More like electrocution each time the laser zaps your skin. Thankfully the pain subsides quickly and doesn't last too long. Forgive me, but I was so close to hollering out a few choice 4 letter words during the whole process.

After that ordeal was over, I headed to the city to meet my parents for some shopping and dinner. I had a reward certificate for Ulta and got a free container of Olay facial cloths and a tube of Bert's Bees chap stick for only 10 cents! On top of that my favorite mascara was buy one get one free. :)
We had dinner at Abuelos (my nana pronounces it "Ab-you-lows", an insider joke in our family. She also pronounces Colorado as "Cada-rada", and cappucino as "cop-ah-chino" haha. Thinking about it always makes me smile) I had their enchiladas which are now on my list as the best ever, which is pretty big, because Los Cabos' chicken enchiladas are to die for!

After the delicious dinner I headed over to Barnes & Noble to do an assignment for my Composition class which was finding 12 different books, each under a different genre and recording the title and author.
I had never been in a Barnes & Noble before, it's now officially my heaven on Earth! I will now be requesting B&N gift cards from the parents as gifts for every Birthday or Christmas from here on out. I could definitely do some damage to my wallet if I had the money to spend in that place. I've got a bit of problem and have a habit of buying books but never reading them. The bargain book piles at Waldenbooks in my hometown have definitely gotten the best of me a time or two. Hopefully, when nursing or biology texts don't rule my life, I'll be able to crack a few of these open, until then they sit in my bookcase collecting dust.

Since I was in the city I got to get some Starbucks, a couple of their enormous cookies, and some KrispyKreme donuts for breakfast tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm one happy girl.

When I got home I had a wonderful surprise in my mail box. A gift from Mamarazzi for being her 200th follower. It's a mini-pampering kit and includes nail polish, foot soak, adorable toe separators, a notepad, emery board, and some Pop Rocks candy along with a cute little card.
A Big thank you to her, that was so sweet and made my day!

I also got a great leather journal to start as my prayer journal for only $4.99 at Mardel's. If you can't already tell, I'm obsessed with getting a good deal any chance I can.


New Girl on Post said...

If you love B&N, then you'd love Books a Million even more. I'm not sure if they have any in Oklahoma though. Looks like you got tons of great stuff. What a thrifty little shopper you are! Love Pop Rocks by the way, takes me back to my childhood!

Jon and Steph said...

Okay laser removal, ow!! Mexican food oh my gosh my favorite!
Sounds like a fun day and what a cute little pampering gift!

Jon and Steph said...

Of course my friend, I already have you in for both of them! Thanks again for posting about this giveaway! You're so sweet!

Allison said...

I left you some love on my blog today :)

d.a.r. said...

OMG that sounds so absolutely insanely painful!! God bless you for surviving that!

And I love the idea of a prayer journal, that is an incredible idea and I now have an idea of something I want to start for Lent next week. :)