Monday, February 9, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!

I wanted to let everyone know that Becca at Lovely Yellow Ribbons has decided to start a devotional type blog and has had a good amount of response in favor of it. I've been wanting to start a devotional for myself but have had a hard time sticking to it. I think this will be just the thing to get me involved and accountable. If anyone is interested in joining in, go to this post to get the info.

This week will hopefully be pretty mellow. I have a Pharmacology test this Thursday and am already trying to get a study guide typed up today. I'm horrible at procrastinating and most always blow off studying until the night before the exam. I'm really trying to break that habit though. I guess I've gotten pretty lucky with my pharm teacher. She's an adjunct and is really laid back. Best of all, she gives a study guide for each exam which is pretty much verbatim what the test will be. Score!!!

The weather's been so nice this weekend that Matt went fishing Saturday and caught about 10 crappie. He brought it home last night and cooked it for dinner. I love it, it's flaky and has no fishy taste. It's by far my favorite fish! I'm starting to get used to him surprising me with dinner on Sunday nights, maybe he'll keep it up. Hopefully we'll have some time this week to go fishing if the weather stays nice. I've got a new pink rod and reel that I want to break out. Hey, a girl's gotta crappie fish in style!
This is the one I have from Bass Pro

It's pretty humorous when we go fishing because I'm pretty horrible at it. No one ever took me fishing before I met Matt so he's taught me everything I know. I still have trouble casting the line and more often than not get it tangled up in something. And I haven't quite mastered being able to detect if the fish bites, especially catfish because they're so darn sneaky. Last summer I overcame my fear of worms (I HATE worms, worse that spiders or bugs!) and learned how to bait my own hook for once. Thankfully, Matt's pretty patient though and just rehooks the line and usually casts it for me while I just reel it in if I get a fish.

All of the pictures from Bailey's birthday are on my sis' camera so I'll have to get them uploaded another time. Her cake turned out great but it was huge! I think we used 6 boxes of cake mix in all and had half of the cake leftover after the party. Not very good planning on our part.

Well, I'm off to get some studying done.
Hope you all have a blessed day!!!



Abbie said...

I'm the SAME WAY with my school work...always putting it off until the last minute. No matter how hard I try to change that habit, I can't! So I say as long as you get good grades, then embrace the procrastination!!

Jon and Steph said...

Oh goodness, I LOVE fishing! My dad used to take me all of the time, it is one of my fondest memories of being a kid!

That will be so much fun, and I love your pink fishing pole... too cute and classy ;)