Monday, February 2, 2009

My Quilts

I love seeing the pictures of Honey's quilts and wanted to share mine with you.
This is the first quilt that I completed. The pattern is from Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day line and is called Delectable Mountains.

It's a queen-size monster of a quilt. I machine pieced it and got most of it done in 3 days at a quilting class. The teacher of my class is from my hometown and has a huge 20ft long-arm quilting machine and I paid her to do the machine quilting for me. She did a great job and I think I would have gone crazy if I would have quilted it. I hand stitched the binding on it and thought my fingers were going to fall off! I don't know how Honey hand quilts hers, it takes alot of patience and talent.

This is the backing for my quilt. I did the log cabin pattern but used the background fabric for one half so it would make a completely new design. I gave this quilt to my mom. She cried when she first saw it and I was so happy that she liked it so much. The sad thing is that it's folded up in her closet. She won't use it because she's too afraid that it will get stained or damaged.

This is the munchkin Bailey, my beautiful niece and the apple of my eye.

Notice that she's WALKING!! She just got the hang of it the past few weeks and is doing fantastic. She plops down on her little bottom alot but she's getting better at keeping her balance and getting right back up when she falls.

This is another quilt top that I've made but haven't put a border on it or quilted it yet :)
I made it at another Quilt in a Day workshop by Eleanor Burns. It's a sampler egg money quilt. The fabrics and patterns are based on the quilts that women made in the fifties. They would sell their eggs and use the money to buy flour, then they would use the flour sacks to make quilts.
This is my favorite quilt so far just because it's quirky and unusual. I can't wait til I can get it done, probably this summer when school is out. My favorite part is the Double Wedding Ring design on the bottom right corner of the pic. I want to make a whole queen size quilt with this pattern for myself and one for my older sister Maranda.
Someday, after school and before babies, I'll have the time.



Honey said...

oh, they're soooo beautiful! well-done you! i love the egg money quilt. i love all the fabrics. you are well on your way to being a wonderful quilter. keep it up!

Allison said...

very nice! I am so impressed :)

. Becca . said...

I love the bottom quilt! I'm so impressed!
Do you sew by hand?

New Girl on Post said...

Very impressive Kebi! I've never had the pleasure of seeing any of your quilts before.

Julia said...

Those quilts are beautiful and quite and accomplishment. Heck baby walking over quilts is an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing these. I long for a nice quilt and maybe some day I will make one. For now they are just too expensive to buy for me. :(

Dee said...

WOW! Very impressive!