Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In the Summertime...

This post is just some hodge-podge (is that really a word?) of what's going on in life right now. Sorry I haven't been commenting or writing too much. Summertime has got me busy outdoors and my parent's have satellite internet which is spotty at best. It's usually hit or miss whether I can connect or not.

I had an interview at the hospital in town last week and it went really well. The nursing supervisor wants to put me on "As Needed" so I'll be able to only work one day a week during the school year. It has it's benefits (a $3 an hour pay hike) and problems (I'll be the first cut on shift and won't be guaranteed a certain number of hours).

It's a job though, and it will be wonderful to work at the hospital instead of a nursing home so I'm pretty excited. I'll be working on the Med/Surg and Telemetry floors. I'm willing to work as the Nurse Aide and Unit Secretary which involves entering the doctor's orders into the computer and other office work so I ought to get a decent amount of hours. A huge bonus is the pay, which is nearly double what I've ever made before. It will be really nice to have some money again because I've been out of work since the beginning of May.

I can't wait to go buy my scrubs once I get all the paperwork straightened out. I'm super excited about that!

My sister Tarra and I did some shopping today I found a cute dress at Kohls that I'm in love with. I love the scoop neckline and the pleats on the front. I also got a cute olive green sundress from Ross for $12.99! I've never been in Ross before but they've got some amazing deals. I also got a four pack of heavy highball glasses for only $3.50. I'm always a sucker for a good deal.

Here's the dress from Kohls. I think it will be perfect for a friend's wedding later this month.

I'm making some plans for some small vacations later this summer. The National Holocaust Museum has a traveling exhibit in OKC that I really want to go see. I went to the museum on a trip to D.C my junior year of high school but it would be great to see it again. We have friends living in Lawton which is not far from the City so Matt and I will probably make a weekend out of it and visit them too.

Anyone have any suggestions for places to eat or go see in OKC? Even though it's so close to home for me, I haven't done much there besides the amusement park Frontier City and a few shows at the Ford Center.

In July, I'm going to see Wicked at the Tulsa PAC. I can't wait, I'm so excited for that one!

Have any of you seen it?

I started Jen Lancaster's Bitter in Black a few weeks ago and am reading the first Harry Potter book now. I didn't really like Bitter too much. I keep telling myself I need to finish it, we'll see if I actually get it done. After I read the Twilight series, several people recommended the Harry Potter books. I started the first and am liking it so far. I guess I'm just a fiction genre girl at heart. I also bought the first few Sookie Stackhouse books but am waiting til I'm done with the Harry Potter series to start them. I feel like I'm bombarding you with questions in this post, but are they any good? I've seen several of you fellow bloggers are reading them, so they must be good.

I have to leave you with one recommendation. The movie Starsky and Hutch starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson is on AMC tonight. Since I'm watching it while I'm writing, it's on the brain. It's seriously one of my favorite movies, if you haven't seen it yet, "Do it!" You're sure to have a few laughs.


Jon and Steph said...

I really like the Sookie Stackhouse books! I watch the TV show (True Blodd) it's my favorite show on HBO right now! So I thought I'd enjoy the books too.

Congrats on getting the job at the hospital! That'll be so wonderful, not only to be making money, but learning a lot on hand!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Congrats on the job. I wouldn't worry about being the first to be canceled because we use nurse aids more then people say. Cute dress!

d.a.r. said...

Oh that dress is FAB!!!!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I love that dress.

Also, congratulations on the job. That is very very exciting!

the Preppy Princess said...

Congratulations on the job! That is fabulous, a great beginning, whoo-hoo!


Carol said...

Wicked is phenomenal! I saw a touring show if it when it came through Houston. my sister said the book is different (I've never read it), but I loved the "back story/other story" of the wicked witch....have fun!

Hannah Noel said...

Congrats on your new job!

You should go to the OKC bombing memorial-- it is very good. There's also the Cowboy National Hall of Fame (I think that's what it's called).

I'm sooo jealous of you getting to see Wicked!! Of course it WOULD come to Tulsa after I move!

Shoshanah said...

I actually started Bitter is the New Black yesterday, so far I'm enjoying it.

And how have you not read the Harry Potter books before now? If you like the 1st, just know each one gets better.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Congrats on the job! And that dress is absolutely gorgeous. Great find.