Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Fever

This week has been absolutely amazing. We've had 80 degree weather every day and even a record high of 91 on Tuesday. Spring is definitely here. The fact that the forecast for the next 4 days includes an 80% chance of rain everyday proves it even further. Matt finally broke down and let my buy some hanging flower baskets of petunias for our porch. They look great but it's been so windy around here the poor things have been getting a beat down. It's pretty Springy around here and I couldn't be happier.

We've got some purple Petunias too, but these are by far my faves.
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Tuesday afternoon I jogged for 45 minutes at the nature reserve on campus. It was so nice. There are several ponds with bridges crossing them and tons of trees and paved paths that wind through it all. It was much nicer to get outside than going up to the Rec Center and running around the indoor track. I think it's my new favorite place to exercise.

Matt's gone this weekend to Red Slough, a wildlife management reserve in about as Southeastern Oklahoma as possible. It's practically on the Texas state line. He usually has at least one weekend trip per semester. Last Fall it was six days in Arizona and New Mexico so I'm glad he's not leaving the state this time and he'll only be gone until Sunday. I decided to stay at our place instead of going back to my parent's for the weekend to get done with all of my Final Papers and Projects. Only next week of classes then Final's come up and then I'm out for the summer! This semester has definitely gone by so fast, I can't believer it's already over.

I'm usually a baby about staying here alone, but this time's not too bad. I had to lock the bedroom door last night, leave the living room lights on, and check the window and door locks (twice). But I made it through just fine. It's actually nice to be here alone and have everything quiet to get done with all of my homework.

Tonight I may get out and go to a play at the school. It' based on Shakespeare's Richard III except it centers around a woman named Rachel who murders and sleeps her way to the top. It should be interesting.

I'll have a recipe for Enchiladas with Sour Cream Sauce up sometime this week. My friend Haley and I made it for dinner last week and it's probably my new favorite dish, yum!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Tara said...

Do you live in a bad part of town? Why so skittish? The enchiladas sound great and 91 in April sounds like it's gonna make for one hot summer!

Abbie said...

Ooh I'm jealous! We can't start putting potted/hanging plants out until May because it's still too cold!

Can't wait to try out the enchilada recipe! Get that posted girl!

jlc said...

Have fun at the play!!

Can't wait to see that recipe!!!

And yayyyyyyyy for Summer around that corner!!!

sHw said...

I just tagged ya for a survey :) Check out my blog, copy and paste, and then tag two or three others :) Have a great day!