Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off the Deep End?

Is it crazy that I'm seriously trying to talk my friend Haley into going with me on a trip to....

It's official, I'm one of those crazed fans, desperately wanting more of the Twilight saga! I finally finished Breaking Dawn last night. I thought it was the weirdest of the four books and that the true soul of Edward and Bella got lost in the translation. It was still pretty good though, just not as good as Book One (Twilight) and Book Three (Eclipse).
Can't wait for the film version of New Moon to come out in November and then I've read online that the film version of Eclipse is due June 2010. I know the movie does the novel no justice, but I still love "Twilight" anyway.

Completely out of my nature, I've already written the papers and done the projects that are due next week for Finals. No procrastination here, so I'm off to get back to reading the "Midnight Sun", which is Edward's version of Twilight. As expected, it's pretty good so far.

For any Twilight fans that don't know about Stephenie Meyer's personal website it's:
It's awesome and I love reading all the chapters and story lines that were edited out of the final draft of each book.

And if you are interested in TwiCon too, you can go here for the official site.

Happy Reading!

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Hannah Noel said...

Midnight sun is my fav :D