Sunday, December 6, 2009

Should Be...


But, oddly enough, I am doing none of those things. Nevermind that Finals start this Monday and I have 3 comprehensive Nursing Exams and 1 comprehensive Pathophysiology exam. I just don't really feel like studying. This is really weird for me because I'm usually pretty gung-ho about studying and schoolwork. I've worked really hard throughout the semester and am confident that I've got passing grades, so I'm not too worried about my slacking off right now.

Now, on to a much more pleasant and fun topic. Christmas!

I have got a few things on my wish list (several of which I already know are under the tree).

This little puppy is definitely numero uno on the list right now. Being the only coffee-drinker in the house, I would love to have a single-cup coffee maker. Have any of you had any experience with a Keurig? I'd love to know your thoughts.

I've wanted a pretty pair of diamond stud earrings since my birthday in September. Folks, I never knew how pricey earrings were! Matt and I shopped around for my birthday but every pair that had diamonds big enough to see with an unaided eye were way out of his price range. Luckily enough, I snagged this pair on Black Friday for $200 off the regular price. Needless to say, I definitely made Matt's Christmas shopping pretty easy this year. has the cutest custom-made Keds. I love these shoes because they are so comfy and casual. Here are a few of my favorite designs.

Vintage Bird Wrapping Paper

Vintage Buttons

Garden Flowers

Yellow Garland

What's on your wish list?


Allison said...

I just got a Keurig and I LOVE it! I'm not even a big coffee drinker, but there are so many different kinds of cups for it like hot cocoa, tea, flavored coffees, etc. :) It's great!

ae said...

ugh...finals...that is a bad word around me right now;)

i am thinking that coffee maker is now on my wish list!

Carol said...

the 'pod' coffee maker we have isn't a Keurig - its simple human - but we love it. my hubby is the coffee drinker, I'm not. so having a single serve is perfect..and its so fast!

only thing I don't like about ours is that you can't do the neat cappucinos, etc. those pods are thicker than the coffee pods. but it sounds like that one'll love it.

my list: a fireplace set since our new house has a fireplace (yay), decorations for our house (curtains, wall hangings), rock band beatles game...

Nicole MacDonald said...

The shoes are adorable! At the moment on my wish list is a literary agent and then a publisher!

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Michelle said...

Wow, I forgot about Keds. I haven't owned a pair in decades, but are they so much cooler than they were when I owned them!

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