Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It seems that my blogging funk is still in full force. I'm having a hard time finding anything to write about so here is a bit of what's floating around in this brain of mine.

Currently I am pissed at my Statistics professor. We do all our exams online. The stated deadline is 11:59 pm on Sunday nights. So, I'm doing my exam Sunday night(because I just got off Fall Break and who wants to do a test over Fall Break???) and it cuts me off at 11 pm. Apparently the prof didn't set the timer for Central time and instead it's running on Eastern time. My solution is to complete the last 5 questions on the late version of the test so my prof can just calculate my grade from both test forms. Is that his plan too? No! He said I should have gotten it done earlier in the week( WTH is a deadline for in the first place???) or I can completely redo it. He said it was my mistake. I am ticked about having to redo the entire test.

Enough whining about that.

Have any of you made Amish Friendship Bread? I made my own starter a few weeks ago and am loving the bread. I bake every 10 days so we have a pretty consistent stock of the yummy cinnamon bread. I also have been adding a Pecan Streusel to it. Simply delicious!

Okay, I have a confession to make. Would you call me obsessive if I told you I bought tickets to see the Nov 19th Midnight Showing of New Moon? What about if I told you I bought them mid-September? Well, I did and I'm stoked! Now I just have to find the perfect Twilight themed tee to where to the big show.

Also, deer season has officially began here in Oklahoma. This means a number of things, including:
1. My boyfriend Matt will continually be "unavailable" during the early morning and evening hours. He can be found in his tree stand with the other love of his life (a.k.a either his bow, muzzle loader, or rifle)
2. I came home Sunday to find my kitchen sink full of raw deer meat pieces (yuck!)(apparently you soak them in water to remove some of the blood and hair???)
3. The smell of Teriyaki Deer Jerky is currently permeating every square inch of our house.

Have a Happy Tuesday everyone!!!


Mrs. Newlywed said...

I love friendship bread!

ae said...

ugh...some profs are just ridiculous. i have one like that this semester.

New Girl on Post said...

I don't see how the professor can even say that's your fault. He's the one who set the time for the wrong time! Hello...Oklahoma is NOT in the eastern time zone.

The deer in the sink is gross! I can't wait to see you in December!

Shoshanah said...

I spent my of my college tutoring math and do at least somewhat understand where you professor is coming from. There will always be students who just don't want to do an on-line test so will make a point to try to do the test just before the deadline in a hope that it will cut them off. I'm guessing if you have online tests you're professor has at lot of students and if a professor does make an exception for one student that will be required to notify every student at let everyone have the extension. Grated he should have set the deadline for at least the correct time zone.

Hannah Noel said...

Ugh, you couldn't pay me to go see the midnight showing of New Moon.. (okay, well maybe if I was paid and given a limitless supply of buttery popcorn, crunch pieces and a drink).
Did you see the midnight of Twilight? I did. And it was soooo miserable!!! I am waiting a few days before I go see it to be safe, lol.

And, as for the deer in the sink-- eww!!