Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello... this thing on?

Hello fellow bloggers!

Life has been pretty crazy around here lately and I have had zero time to keep up with this blog, let alone any of yours that I love to read so much.

A ton has been going on, especially with school. The first four weeks of the semester I had 21 hours a week of nursing classes so that the instructors could cram in all the basics we needed to know to start clinicals the 3rd week of September. Throw two part-time jobs, Statistics and Pathophysiology classes into the mix and I just now feel like I'm coming up to breathe.

I have to keep reminding myself that I did sign up for all of this when I applied to the nursing program.

So, here is a quick run-down of all that's been going on in the past few months since I've checked out

I started WeightWatchers in August and have lost 10 lbs so far. I started at 165 and my goal is 145 or 140-ish. It was much easier to count points before I started classes and have slacked off some. I tried the meetings but had a hard time relating to the women in my group, all of whom were much older than me. Since then, I've just been doing WW online and love all the resources. They have a recipe builder that makes it really easy to count points in the foods that I cook at home. We'll see if I can hit my goal before the year is over.

I finally have my own garden! Matt and I planted corn, cucumbers and canteloupe the first week of August and it's doing pretty good. I picked the first ripe cucumbers this week and am just waiting on my melons and corn to finish ripening up. I doubt I'll have anymore cucs because the deer have all but killed my plants by gobbling up all the leaves. I've heard that spreading human hair (from a salon?) around the perimeter helps ward the deer off. Have any of you heard of any good remedies?

Some big changes are coming up in the next few months. Matt will be graduating in December. His dream job is close to his parent's house and about an hour and 45 minutes from where we live together right now. So, most likely, he will be moving back home. I'm just trying to decide if I also want to move back to my parent's or stay living in our apartment at school by myself. This may not seem like a big deal, but I'm a baby about being alone. I've always said that I never in my life want to live alone. If I do move back home I'll have a 2 1/2 hour commute each day, five days a week. I just don't know if I can do that much driving and keep up with all my schoolwork. Because I'm a worrier and thrive on having plans, I'm going crazy because nothing is set in stone yet. It's all up in the air right now so all I can really do is just wait and see what happens.

I'm babysitting my niece Bailey today and she's smearing her breakfast all over her hair, oh joy!
Gotta go!


ae said...

i am in the same boat with school right now...i keep telling myself december is just around the corner. i am not even thinking about next semester yet;)

Allison said...

welcome back, chica! good to see you again :)

New Girl on Post said...

I'm so glad you are back! least for a few minutes. :) You've been crazy busy, I can't believe you have time for everything.

Hannah Noel said...

Holy crap!! Do you even have time to sleep? or.. eat?